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Bad Piggies is an Angry Birds spinoff game fromRovio Entertainment that was released on September 27th, 2012. The game's premise is that the player is on the Pigs' side and would have to build vehicles to get to the eggs, similar to Amazing Alex, Rovio's previous game, maneuvering around courses. It is currently available for iOS, nook, Android, Kindle Fire, Mac, and PC, with Windows 8 and Windows Phone to follow in the future. The game is free on Google Play, is $2.99 for iPad (HD) and $0.99 for iPhone.

The game has been stated to follow the imagination of a single Pig with freckles, referred to by fans as the Freckled Pig, whose hobbies are constructing both land and air-based vehicles.


  1. Ground Hog Day
  2. Rise and Swine
  3. When Pigs Fly
  4. Flight in the Night


  • Sandbox
  • Field of Dreams
  • Road Hogs


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